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ThreePieceSweet are a punk-rock band from Dublin, Ireland, with good looks, lots of flare and great musical taste.

On this site we hope you Will find all the information you need to become a true ThreePieceSweet fan.

This site hopes to capture the bands true energy and potential and send it out to you - the fan.

The History of ThreePieceSweet
ThreePieceSweet were formed on the 1st. July, 2001. It was a long boring summer and so the band members decided they had to do something to pass the time, so they formed a band to fool around in when they werent working. The band comprises of Mark Callanan(15, Guitar), Vincent Burke (15, Drums) and Neil Keating (16, Bass/Lead Vocals). The three young musicians list Green Day, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Blink 182 and Muse as their biggest influences and describe their music as "fun and energetic punk rock".

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